Tips For Hiring Trade Show Models

If you want to hire models to help with promotional modeling for your trade show, then you might not be sure where to begin. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Decide if you want to use an agency or independent models

Each option has different advantages and disadvantages. Using an agency will generally be much simpler and won't require as much effort on your part. With an agency, you will probably have an easier time finding reviews and recommendations. This can help you determine which agencies are worth your time and which are not.

On the other hand, independent models will likely be cheaper. With independents, you won't need to pay the fees associated with a middleman. However, independent models aren't the best idea if you need to hire a lot of models, since that would require an awful lot of work. In such a case, an agency can likely provide you with the number of models you need at a fraction of the hassle.

Pick models that fit your booth

Depending on the nature of your booth, you might want to focus on different attributes in potential models. Do you want attractive models that will stand there and smile? This could be an effective method, but you could also gain a lot by picking models that are familiar with the subject of your booth. Models that can interact with your audience are good, but models that can intelligently discuss the merits of your booth's subject are better. Remember, the more complicated your booth's subject is, the more difficult that it would be for an inexperienced model to discuss it with your audience.

In this vein, you might want to consider the education and resume of each model that you interview. For instance, if you are working at a tech expo, then it's a good idea to aim for models that have some familiarity with the field, even if they don't have experience with your exact product or company. If your booth has a technical subject, then a college-educated model might be more fitting. However, if your booth is for something like an energy drink or food, then that higher education might be wasted.

It might seem like a good idea to prioritize attractive models, but you should consider whether that is what your audience is looking for. In other words, do you want the appearance of your model to be the focal point of the audience's attention, or do you want the audience to focus on your product? In some cases, extremely attractive models can distract the audience and prevent them from focusing on your product.

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