Bringing An Outdoor Feel To A Wedding Hall

Many people imagine their weddings as glamorous outdoor affairs. The outdoors offers beautiful scenery, great lighting, and a wonderful atmosphere for both ceremonies and receptions. It also can mean inclement weather, bugs, and uncomfortable conditions for guests. For these reasons, many choose to have their wedding festivities in an indoor setting. Wedding halls, or reception halls, are a popular choice for many couples. Each space is different, but they are often a blank slate that can be decorated in any way the couple chooses. For this reason, they are a great choice for couples who want an outdoor feel for their inside wedding.

The Flowers And Centerpieces

Flowers are a big part of any wedding. They play a big role in how the theme of a wedding comes across. Instead of manicured bouquets and centerpieces, couples should consider wilder looking arrangements. Wildflowers are a great choice for an outdoor feel. Wildflowers look like they were brought straight in from the outdoors instead of the florist. There are also other woodsy elements that can be incorporated in table centerpieces. Antlers are a unique way to bring in that outdoor feel. They look great mixed with wildflowers and are a wonderful choice for couples who favor a rustic style wedding.

Table Linens

One of the main benefits of using a wedding hall is that the couple can bring in their own choices for tables and table linens. Gingham and plaid are two fabrics that are associated with the outdoors. Table linens can be found in these prints and used for a wedding reception. Choosing these fabrics is an easy way to bring an outdoorsy feel to the space. Also adding other outdoor elements such as oak rounds and twine to the table is a great way to bring a more rustic feel to the table.


Romantic lighting is a must for any wedding venue. Often instead of using the overhead lights, couples choose candles and lanterns to light the wedding hall. Paper lanterns are often used outside but also work great in an indoor space. Hurricane and metal candle lanterns are also lighting that can bring an outdoor feel to an indoor wedding hall. Most types of lighting that are used outdoors can be brought inside. This also goes for string lights as well. They can create a wonderful atmosphere when hung from the ceiling of a wedding hall.

Outdoor weddings are not always the best choice for every couple. This is especially true in areas that experience inclement weather on a regular basis. However, couples that want an outdoor feel for their wedding hall receptions have a lot of options. The right lighting, table linens, and flower arrangements can really bring the outdoors in. 

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