Affordable Decorations, Entertainment, And Food Options For Your Wedding Reception

If you and your spouse would like to host a beautiful and entertaining wedding reception to celebrate your recent marriage, but do not wish to spend exorbitant amounts of money, which may cut into the amount available for your honeymoon, try the following ideas.

Homemade Flower Arrangements

Purchase a variety of silk flowers, craft wire, sharp scissors, and decorative vases. Select flowers that are popular during the season that the reception is being held in or that match the colors of other decorations that are being used to enhance the space where the reception is being held. Flowers and craft supplies are sold for affordable prices at craft shops or discount retailers. Trim the flowers stems if desired and arrange the flowers in the vases.

If you are not fond of artificial flowers, select some from your flower bed or accept donations from family members or friends who have an abundance of flowering plants growing on their property. Arrange the flowers near the entrance way to the reception hall or across tables that are being used to serve guests. 

Local Entertainer, A Stereo System, And Karaoke Machine

Hire a local entertainer who hasn't receive much exposure singing or playing an instrument in front of a large crowd. An individual who is pursuing a musical career may be willing to offer you a reduced rate for their services and may be thrilled at the prospect of gaining new fans during the reception.

If you are unable to locate an entertainer who interests you, record musical selections  and play them back on a stereo that has several speakers connected to it. Renting or purchasing a karaoke machine is another option that is affordable and that will provide your guests with hours of entertainment. 

Self-Serve Buffet

If you are hiring a catering service, you may be able to save money if you choose to have large platters of food prepared and arranged across a long table where guests can choose the ones that they wish to consume. The preparation of individual plates of food may cost more than a buffet because each meal will need to have an appealing presentation and food portions that are arranged on all of the plates will need to be the same size. A buffet will allow your guests to eat until their hearts content.

In order to save even more money, request that your guests bring a large, covered dish to the reception instead of giving you and your spouse a wedding gift. By doing so, there will be a wide range of food options for each person to choose from and you will not need to invest any money in the meal.

Enjoy your reception and the special moments shared with your spouse, family, and friends. Once the celebration is over, focus on your honeymoon without feeling as if you squandered too much money while preparing for the reception. For more information, contact companies like Deborah's Party Rentals. 

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