Rent the Right Fans for a Boxing Event and Knock Out Discomfort

Amateur boxing events provide a great opportunity for fight enthusiasts to hone their skills. Many amateurs have dreams of turning professional, and many hobbyists simply wish to get a few "real fights" under their belts. Audiences appreciate the heart and drive all the fighters on a card possess. Amateur fight events are rarely held in major arenas. Generally, a 10-match fight card may be held at a boxing gym in front of 200 or so spectators. In the scorching summer months, these makeshift arenas can be a bit uncomfortable. Promoters should rent appropriate fans for these events so the show goes on smoothly for all.

Necessary Traits for the Fans

Since amateur boxing night at the local gym is such a unique event, the fans rented for the show must be carefully selected. The selected models should have the following features.

  • Present an Unobstructed View

Big and powerful fans definitely can keep an interior comfortable, but they may create line-of-sight obstructions, preventing the audience from seeing all the in-ring action. Promoters should send the rental service a floor plan - even if the plan is a crudely drawn one - to help the rental service make a suggestion on what type of fans would be best. The rental service may suggest renting two large fans raised on stands and placing them in corners. At ringside, floor fans can be angled upwards for additional air circulation.

  • Maintain Quiet Operation

While the fans do have to be strong enough to keep the interior cool, the motors in the fans cannot be so loud so as to cause distractions. Excess noise is not good at one of these shows. Boxers won't be able to hear their coaches' instructions, and the audience's concentration may be undermined. Certain models of fans are known for smooth running and quiet motors. A rental service such as Fan Guy should be able to make the right recommendation for a hushed fan.

  • Allow for Easy Maneuverability

Promoters of live events know even perfect plans have to change. The original setup of the fans might need for be tweaked based on audience or fighter requests. Dealing with a difficult-to-move fan is not going to assist the smooth flow of the show. Renting fans on rollers or fans that can adjust their positioning or height easily allow for the quick implementation of any changes.

Selecting fans for a boxing event requires a bit more effort than original thought. As long as the right choice of fans ensures fight night occurs hassle-free, the extra effort will pay off.

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