Tips For First-Time Broadway Play Attendees

Seeing a show on Broadway is an amazing experience for those who love theater. If you've decided to buy tickets from a company like Academy Tickets for your first Broadway show, the preparation is as important as the event itself. Here are a few things that you should know to help make your first Broadway experience a success.

Preparing To Leave

When you're preparing for the show, consider your clothing choice carefully. Remember that it's a fairly dressy environment, so dress accordingly. In addition, since it's often busy, leave the large purses and bags at home. Opt for smaller clutch bags so that you don't have to worry about the bulk. Another great tip is to bring a shawl, a jacket, or something similar -- or dress in layers.

Heading To The Show

The theater will typically open for seating about a half hour before the curtain time. Plan to arrive around that time so that you can get your seat and settle in. Keep in mind that restroom breaks will be limited during the show, so make a point to stop before you find your seat. It's also important to remember that most shows don't permit late seating, so make sure you arrive before the curtain time stamped on your ticket.

Being Attentive To Electronics Use

For many first-time Broadway attendees, the excitement and anticipation often leads to bringing cameras. In addition, since most mobile phones are equipped with cameras, guests are often tempted to snap photos during the show. Not only should you not take pictures during the show, you should turn your phone completely off before the show starts. Resist the urge to put it on vibrate or silent -- turn it off completely so you don't risk an alarm going off or a message causing the phone to light up and distract the cast or fellow audience members

Don't Miss The Details

One of the coolest experiences for many first-time theater attendees is checking out the details of the theater during intermission. Don't forget to take a walk down to the orchestra pit so you can see all of the orchestra musicians. In addition, ask one of the stagehands or ushers to show you where to find the stage door. At the end of the show, make your way out to the stage door so that you can get signatures from the cast members.

With these tips, you can be sure that your first trip to a Broadway play will be an enjoyable one.

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