Four Fun Ways To Have The Best Entertainment At Your Next Big Event

Whether you are planning a wedding, rehearsal dinner, Sweet 16 party, QuinceaƱera, holiday party, or a work event, you want the entertainment to be top-notch. No one wants to hire a DJ just to end up with nothing more than a guy playing some records. A professional entertainment service will offer more than just music; they will offer a complete entertainment experience. Here are services to ask a prospective vendor if they offer as a part of their royal entertainment packages.

Colored Lighting

Face it: the typical banquet room isn't overly exciting. Even once a bride has decorated the room with expensive floral arrangements and other design elements, it's still a pretty blah space without much personality. Ask the entertainment services you are considering if they offer colored up-lighting. You can choose virtually any color of the rainbow and transform the hall into a one-of-a-kind, magical space. For example, you can choose to wash the room in a soft pink that will give everyone and everything a rosy glow. If you are having a wedding reception, you can choose a color to complement your bridal party colors.

Photo Booth

A photo booth with props like funny hats, scarves, eye glasses, wigs, and more is an excellent way for guests to have fun as well as create memorable moments for both the honored guests and themselves. Newer photo booths go a step further than traditional photos, creating animated GIFs that can be uploaded and shared on the World Wide Web. An attendant is provided to help guests create hilarious costumes and scenes as well as handle the technical aspects of operating the photo booth for guests who aren't tech savvy.

Dance Floors

Turn your party into the event of the season with a light-up dance floor. Intelligent Club Lighting technology will be the hit of the evening. Not only is it a dance floor that lights up; it's also ambient lighting. The lighting can change colors, show the steps to dance moves, and play along to the beat of the music. The motion of the sound-activated lighting creates a theatrical experience that will be enjoyed by all, even those who aren't on the dance floor.


Nothing says fun like a sing-a-long. You can still have regular music, but consider finding a DJ who offers both. You can have karaoke towards the end of the evening when everyone is more relaxed and willing to get up and perform.  

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