Don't Settle For Traditional: How To Step Outside The Box When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

If you're planning your wedding, and you're having a tough time choosing the venue, you might not be looking in the right direction. It's your day. Don't settle on a venue because it's a traditional choice. Go outside the traditional box and choose a venue that makes a statement about who you are as a person – and as a couple. Here are creative ways to choose a venue that speaks to you.

Show Your Love for Animals

If you and your partner share a love for animals, show that love by incorporating it into your wedding venue. Contact a local nature preserve, wildlife park, or zoo in your area, and arrange to have your wedding there. Set up your tents, decorate with plenty of twinkling lights, and celebrate your marriage under the stars, while listening to the sounds of the animals that surround you.

Think Warehouse Chic

If you love to dance, want a big party, and want to avoid the traditional wedding venue at all costs, it's time to think warehouse chic. Talk to a local realtor in your area to discuss rental options for one of the empty industrial warehouse in your community. One of the great things about renting an empty warehouse for your wedding is that you can divide the space into separate areas for the wedding and the reception. Not only that, but there will be plenty of room for a massive dance floor, seating area, open bar, and DJ booth.

Show the Artistic Side of Your Relationship

If your world revolves around art, let the artistic side of your relationship shine through during your wedding. Find an art gallery or museum that will allow you to hold your wedding and reception there. You and your partner will be able to celebrate your marriage while surrounded by friends, family, and the art that you love.

Get Back to Nature

If you and your partner are happiest when you're outside, get back to nature for your wedding. If you have a favorite beach, park, hiking trail, or stream, arrange to hold your ceremony there. If location constraints prevent you from having a large gathering in your favorite natural setting, have an intimate gathering of friends and family for the wedding ceremony, and then plan the reception for a larger natural setting nearby.

Now that you're looking for venues like Rainbow Gardens, go ahead and move past the traditional. Use the tips provided here to choose a venue that will set your wedding apart from all the rest.

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