Hiring A Live Band For Your Special Event? Follow These Tips

If you are hosting a special event like a wedding, bar mitzvah, or anniversary party, you may wish to hire a live band to play music during the event. This is a task that sounds simple on the surface, but can actually be fraught with challenges you don't expect. To ensure you get a band that makes your event a success, follow these tips.

1. Ask your other service providers for recommendations

Those in the service industries, like your caterers and rental agents, have probably seen many different bands as they have worked at parties and events. They tend to know which locally available bands are good, and which you should stay away from. So, ask these professionals for recommendations. Let them know what kind of music you are looking for, whether classical or something more modern, and they'll probably give you even more specific recommendations.

2. See the band in person

Once you have a band in mind, see if you can arrange to watch them play in person. This is easier with some bands than others. A band that only plays at weddings, for example, may be tough to see since you can't just stroll into a wedding and listen to them. One that plays at public events now and then will be easier to see. If you are intent on hiring a band that never plays public appearances, they may agree to perform a song or two for you to listen -- as a sort of interview.

3. Ask about costs up-front

Many people are surprised how much hiring a band actually costs. The costs are high because you are paying an entire group of people to work for you; the band has to pay each member. To ensure you don't end up in over your head cost wise, ask the band about their fees before you agree to any contract or performance. Also, make sure the price is included in any contract you sign.

4. Make sure the band will play your special songs

If you have any special songs that you really want to be played at your event -- whether "Happy Birthday" or something more personal -- make sure you ask up-front if the band will play these songs. Most bands are happy to do this, but they may need a week's notice so they can practice songs with which they are not as familiar before your event.

For more information, contact your preferred special event services.

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