Are You Looking For A Meeting Place For Your Congregation?

Do you belong to a church that has recently lost it's meeting place? For instance, maybe you attended meetings in a church where the congregation was willing to share its space with you. However, circumstances may have changed and sharing the same church is no longer an option to you. Has the ecclesiastic leader of that church given you a date as to when you won't be able to meet at his or her church anymore?

Do you already have a new location for your congregation to meet. If so, that is probably a tremendous relief, isn't it. However, if you are still looking for a meeting venue, from using somebody's home to meeting in a school, here are some ideas that might help you.

Meet In A Home - Is your congregation a relatively small one at this time? If so, one of your members might be very willing to let your group meet right in his or her home. For example, maybe that individual has a very large living room and family room combination as the floor plan. That might work, right? Or, it might be that one of the members of your congregation has a home with an unfinished basement in it. If that's the case, could you make that work?

Whether you meet in a large living space or whether you meet in a basement, of course you'll need to arrange for seating space. Think of buying inexpensive folding chairs. After all,even when you move into your own real church, there will more than likely be many times that you'll want to use folding chairs. You can probably even find an inexpensive pulpit, too. Or, simply use a side table for the pulpit. Would that work until you have your new church? 

Meet In A School - Consider talking to the director of a school in your area to see if your congregation can use the school for your meeting times. After all, won't the school be empty on weekends and even on certain evenings during the week? You could use the assembly room as your main place of worship, and classrooms could be used for the same purpose. Perhaps the cafeteria could be used for middle of the week activities.

If the first school you visit isn't able to help you, don't give up your search. At some point there will probably be a school director who will welcome your congregation.

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