Things To Remember For Your Wedding

You'll want your wedding day to be special and you'll want your venue to look just how you've always dreamed. While you might think you know just how you want everything to look, it can be hard to pull everything together when you already have so much on your mind. This short guide to wedding decorations can help make sure you've thought of everything and that you don't forget something that can make all the difference to your big day. Here are wedding decorations you might want.

Wedding welcome sign

You may want to have a wedding welcome sign. This is a beautiful sign that says "Welcome" and has a short message, then depicts the bride and groom's names and the wedding date. The sign will be displayed at the venue and you can save it and even add it to your home decor if you choose. 

Aisle runner

You should have an aisle runner that begins at the door and goes all the way up the aisle. This runner is the one that you will walk down the center of as you approach the altar. It can be the color of your choosing, although many people choose to have an aisle runner that is a shade of white. 

Flower girl basket and petals

You may want to have a flower basket that's the right size for the flower girl. You also want to have petals to put in the basket for the flower girl to toss along the runner as she walks down the aisle. The petals are commonly white, pink, or red, or they can be another color that sticks with your color scheme. 

Ring pillow for the ring bearer

You may want to choose a ring pillow that the ring bearer will hold the rings on during the ceremony. The ring pillow should have colors of the wedding incorporated on it. It should also hold the rings securely, but make it easy for them to be removed. 

An altar arch

This is an arch you will stand in front of while you say your vows. The style of the arch will depend on the style of wedding you are having. Some are large and full of many decorations and others are simple. 

A wedding guestbook

You may want to have a wedding guest book that your guests will sign as they enter. It's a good idea to get a book that gives plenty of space for people to write out special messages for the two of you. Some people choose to have a wedding guestbook and cards with a box. So, people can sign their name in the book, then fill out the cards with special messages and drip them in the box for the two of you to read later. 

Flowers and decor

You will probably want to have plenty of flowers to decorate with, as well as other decorations. The color of the flowers should be colors that are included in all the other decor, or they should complement the rest of the decor. 

To learn more about wedding decoration options, visit a venue near you and see their options. 

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