3 Fun Back to School Photo Booth Picture Ideas

As children prepare to go back to school, you can turn the event into a fun celebration rather than something they dread. One way to mark the occasion is with a small party and a photo booth rental. A photo booth provides some fun ways to capture the ages and moments before the school year. Each child can take home a fun keepsake to mark the end of summer.

Along with the photo booth rental itself, you can plan out some fun photo booth picture ideas to have ready for children. Use the ideas separately or mix and match the ideas together to create unique and memorable pictures.

1. Chalkboard Messages

Chalkboards typically invoke a theme of school, and you can provide small chalk so children can write their own messages for the photos. Purchase a multi-colored pack of chalk to use on the chalkboards and see what fun messages and designs they can come up with.

For example, a child may write the grade they will attend at the start of the new school year. Another child may write something they look forward to or some goals they have. Kids can draw pictures of their school or funny messages like "Recess lover!" Give kids ideas and allow them to create their own ideas as well.

2. First-Day Fashion Shows

The first-day outfit is a pretty big deal for kids. Allow them to model some of their options with a first-day fashion show inside the photo booth. Children can role-play different outfits and go all out with hairstyles or make-up. The actual outfits do not need to be their first-day clothes. Children can have fun with fantasy outfits or clothing they would never even wear to school.

Some children may dress up as their favorite school-age characters from TV shows and movies. Gather together a lot of fun costume choices and see what the children come up with.

3. Future Careers & Dreams

School helps build a foundation for the future, and a photo booth can help capture a child's dreams in the moment. Provide a lot of fun role-playing costumes and props to create a future career and dreams photo shoot. For example, a child may dress in formal wear and declare they want to be a future president of the United States.

A child may dress up in a lab coat and use accessories to show their interest as a scientist. Along with your own props, a photo booth service may have additional props to use with the pictures.

After your initial session, you could turn the experience into an annual tradition to celebrate the start of school each year. Reach out to a service like AJR Events to learn more.

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