Creature Comforts: Renting A Portable Bathroom During Renovation Work

Portable bathroom rentals are something you might associate with outdoor wedding receptions or outdoor music festivals. However, they can be useful in other situations. When your home's bathroom is being renovated or rebuilt from scratch, it will be out of action for a while, meaning you'll need to rent a portable bathroom. But what can you expect from a portable bathroom?

Facilities and Comfort 

There's a wide range of portable bathrooms with varying levels of facilities and comfort. These range from the very basic, and not especially comfortable, to luxury units that replicate the home bathroom experience—and may even better it. These are not basic cabin-style structures delivered on a flatbed. Portable bathrooms are generally luxury trailers and are simply carefully reversed into the preferred location right outside your home.

Electricity and Water

A high-quality portable bathroom will be connected to both your home's main electricity and water supply. Lower-end models may rely on battery power and an onboard water tank, but since the portable bathroom will be your home's bathroom for a period of time, you'll want there to be as few restrictions as possible, so you don't need to worry about running the lights for too long, using a hairdryer or similar appliance, flushing the toilet, or spending too much time in the shower.

Shower and Toilet

The shower itself will be full-size with a standard mixer tap. Portable bathrooms with bathtubs can be sourced, but it can be more practical to forego taking a bath for the duration of your rental. The toilet inside the unit will be the same as a typical residential toilet. But where does this toilet flush to, and where does the shower drain to? You probably won't like the idea of waste tanks having to be emptied on a regular basis.


A portable bathroom unit should be equipped with a macerator pump, connected to your home's sewerage. The pump expels all waste to the sewer, which is exactly what happens with wastewater generated by an indoor plumbing system. There's no noticeable difference, and there's no need for any onboard tank to be emptied.

So if your home's bathroom is going to be out of action for any period of time, you'll need to make other arrangements. Renting a top-quality portable bathroom unit means that you don't need to compromise on comfort—and you might even be tempted to keep it when your bathroom renovation is finished!

Contact a local portable bathroom rental service to learn more. 

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