Important Things To Know About Planning A Dove Release For Your Wedding

If you are hoping to do something special for your wedding, you might be thinking about planning a dove release. Even if you have never been to a wedding where this was done before, you may know that dove releases are actually popular for many events, including weddings. If you're contemplating a dove release for special occasions, these are a few things you should know.

It Could Be a Great Addition to Your Wedding

A dove release could be a beautiful addition to your wedding. Because doves pair for life and raise their young with their mate, a dove release can have a beautiful meaning behind it when it's done for a wedding.

It's Usually Done After the Ceremony

Generally, a dove release is done after the ceremony when it's done to celebrate a wedding. When you and your spouse are walking out of the church or walking away from the altar together, for example, this could be a good time for a dove release. Make sure you talk to someone from the dove release company about the schedule of your wedding and the time that you want the dove release to occur.

There Are Ethical Options

Although you might like the idea of having a dove release at your wedding, you could be worried about ethical concerns, particularly if you're an animal lover. Of course, you should make sure that you choose an ethical company to work with. The more ethical companies use homing pigeons for their releases since these pigeons have strong instincts and can find and return to their home after they are released. They are also hardier birds that should be quite safe when flying away from your ceremony. If you have any ethical concerns or questions, ask someone from the company for more information.

You Can Choose the Number of Doves

Generally, you can choose the number of doves that you want to have released at your wedding. Some choose to just have two doves released, but if you want a bigger impact, you can have dozens released at one time. Generally, price does vary based on the number of doves that you have released, so this may be something you will want to keep in mind.

You Can Customize the Experience

In many cases, you can customize the experience even beyond choosing the number of doves. For example, you can often request that a song be sung or played when the doves are released, or you can choose a special poem for someone to read at the time of the release.

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